Monday, August 31, 2009

Do you think Chile is a fluke?

Chile, barring the inexplicable, will beat Venezuela at the Estadio Monumental in Santiago this Sunday (Sept 5) and book their place in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. They are a surprise second in the 10-nation standings behind Brazil by a mere point.
Even if they do not beat Venezuela, a draw between Colombia and Ecuador would ensure that the Chileans confirm at least a play-off spot as the fourth placed team. But my bet is on them to finish second and qualify automatically.
This is no joke. The reasons?

Here you go. Two of the most exciting young players in the world at this moment, at least in my books.

Matias Fernandez, to those on my Facebook, would know that prior to the start of the new season, was top of my wish list to be bought by Sir Alex Ferguson. It didn't happen. He moved from Villareal to Sporting Lisbon after falling out with their new coach. Hints are the 23-year old has an attitude, but wasn't it the case with Diego Maradona, George Best, heck all the great players. Just look at what he can do. For the record, El Matigol was South American Player of the Year in 2006, at 20-years old.

Then comes a 20-year old Alexis Sanchez, a first 11 player under current coach Marcelo Bielsa. He's been dubbed "El Nino Maravilla" or Wonder Boy by Chilean fans. Owned by Udinese, Sanchez plays the current season in Argentina on loan to River Plate. He's been compared to Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Kun Aguero. He might be better. Just look at him.

I say the potential stars of the 2010 World Cup won't be from Brazil, Argentina, Holland, England or Germany. My eyes will be on Chile.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Malaysia

Probably others have other ideas about how significant August 31 would or should be to their lives.
Because probably some politician/s pissed them off or things didn't go so right for them in this country, although they never hesitate to call it their own. Others march and run riot in protest of what seems a never-ending disagreement with the system, it's makers and guardians.
On the outside, they label this land corrupt, a haven for terrorists and all that crap, they find so many things wrong with everything and everybody in this country. And some never are happy with what is available. Some others just believe they deserve more and more and more than what they are getting and this fuels their disagreement with everything.
I must say that at some points in my life I've raged, just cranked up by any of the above. But I then sit back and not just think, but decide. I decide that I cannot imagine anything other than this for myself. Put all that aside and I see that this is really my paradise, my beautiful place on earth, my everything. Just look at what we have. It is beautiful and it is great.
I've always been and will always be proud of this one thing and nobody will ever be able take it away even if they wanted to. It is me being from this country, being Malaysian. Whatever it is, people, this is ours. This is all we have.
Happy Merdeka Day Malaysia.

Gimme that Babolat!

Is it the racquet, was it a lucky shot or was it just plain Andy Roddick power?
Amazing that this could happen. Wonder if I could do that on our hard court at Balai Berita. To start with, I've at least got a Babolat, same as Roddick.... Hahahaha...