Monday, February 20, 2012

One of the greatest headlines

"Colnago is known for its iconic ace of clubs logo but the C59 Ottanta has a special head badge: the original ‘Eagle and Arrow’ logo that was created in 1954 inspired by a headline in the local newspaper that described Colnago as fast as an arrow when he won a race." - taken from article describing the C59 Ottanta, a limited edition bike created by the master Ernesto Colnago. Read it HERE.

Again the close-knit relations between newspapers and the cycling world is highlighted, this time immortalised in a recreation of the logo that launched Colnago. The relationship between newspapers and cycling was a celebrated one - most of the biggest races created by newspapers.
It sure isn't a relationship as revered as it was back in the early 20th century. Not anymore.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Breath of fresh garbage

Well I struggled up what is known as Bukit Hantu in Hulu Langat this morning en route to my favourite nasi lemak bungkus breakfast joint in the whole world at Sg Tekala.
This picture was taken on my bike as my heart rate monitor read I was at 85% and needing to pump all the air I could get through my lungs.
This was a good 400-metre stretch along one of the more popular hill climb routes cyclists in this part of the world regularly use.
A couple of weeks ago, as I finished my ride with off-and-on riding buddy Bazly Azmi in Batu 18, Hulu Langat, a man claiming to be the village head stopped by to check out the rubbish dump that place had turned into and gave us a lecture about the Barisan Nasional trying to sabotage the PKR government of Selangor by planting garbage all over the place.
Now, I'm not into politics, neither am I into garbage.
So whoever you are that's supposed to take responsibility should just cut the crap and get the garbage out of our cycling routes. It's not politics, just that these secluded and serene settings have become a convenient rubbish dump for idiots.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Legends were never cast in carbon

When a buddy asked me to check out the Colnago Master a couple of days ago and tell him where he could get his hands on it in Malaysia, I told him try looking up some popular sites for second hand classics.
He told me no, he wanted the brand new 2012 Colnago Master. I thought it was discontinued in 2008 after a Proton Wira-like production lifespan and serving up countless smiles from avid cyclists worldwide for it's supreme all-around.. what shall I say... Perfection. Yes, that's the word.

Been thinking a lot about getting back to metal after my first full carbon purchase of a BMC SL01 slightly more than a year ago. First I thought about giving the likes of Lynskey or Van Nicholas a buzz in my itch to try out titanium which I never had the chance or resources to try before.
But this beauty now makes me wanna just wind back the clock and go for the smoothest, kindest, most elegant ride of all. Steel.