Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shame garbage trucks can't climb hills

I'd complained weeks earlier about garbage being dumped along Bukit Hantu in Hulu Langat, and that the country's most popular cycling routes continue to be ruined by irresponsible litterbugs.
This picture was taken 200 metres from the summit of the second king of the mountains point at Genting Perez, on Stage Five of the 17th edition of Le Tour de Langkawi on February 28.
That says it all. It was simply embarrassing.
If they'd not considered the climb was part of the Tour's route and cleaned it up before the race, then I guess local cyclists are set to continue suffering from the stench along that climb and the hills close by for years to come.
All I can hope for is that more cyclists make their voices hear if they want to stop their routes from being destroyed.