Sunday, April 15, 2012

What are the chances of this happening?

Julien Simon ascended the top of the podium in the Tour du Finistere decked in his Saur-Sojasun kit on Saturday, April 14. That signaled the Frenchman's arrival on the big stage having turned professional with the former Credit Agricole team in 2008.
Saturday's victory in the Tour du Finistere was the 26-year old Julien Simon's first victory in his home country.
But wait a minute! Julian Simon is the 2009 125cc world champion in motorcycling isn't he?
Well, this is Julien Simon the French cyclist.

And here's Julian Simon the Spaniard who now competes in the Moto2 class of the World Motorcycle Championship.

How about that huh?

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Great Lotus Joke

Well, by now you'd be sure to have known about the DRB-Hicom takeover of Proton, the resignation of chairman Datuk Seri Nadzmi Salleh, then Datuk Seri Syed Zainal the MD...
That put Proton's position as a cash cow for the Dany Bahar-led and Proton-owned Group Lotus up for debate. The first bomb was dropped when it was announced that Lotus were to pull the plug on the much debated title-sponsorship deal with the Genii Capital-owned Lotus F1 Team.
And now we have this flourishing series of quite hilarious insights into Bahar in his currently quite compromising position....

There's a season opener:

A continuation:

Waiting for the next episode...?